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 Warrior LvL 70

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PostSubject: Warrior LvL 70   Warrior LvL 70 Icon_minitimeSat Apr 28, 2007 5:25 pm

-Your in game Name Arantor
-Your sponsor from Total Loosers (name reference): dont know anyone :S
-Race and class of your character: Undead Warrior Male
-Play hours: playing from 19.00- 01.00 or long depends how long u need me ^^
Played 37days 20 hourse 23min Total
Current lvl played 4days 11hours

>Your current resistance gear:
NR Unbuffed (in +NR gear) deleted it Razz
FR Unbuffed (in +FR gear) deleted
FrR unbuffed (in FrR gear) deleted
SR unbuffed (in Sr gear) 20 lol but im gonna make my self Resistance gear very soon
nneed to get mine BS to 375 Smile that goes for all resistance types.

>Total HP/Mana: Igot around 8344 hp and 0 mana Razz what a shame ^^
>+Healing/+Spellpower/+Defense/+Mana regen: I have around 470 defense not rly proud of the gear ^^ kinda sucky hope that doesnt matter alot.

-Raid experience: ZG- farm
MC - Farm
BWL- Farm
aq20- Farm
aq40- 5first but my guild had it on "farm"
naxx - Abom wing/sapp "guild had downed every single boss except that asshole kelthuzad" God it hate that bastard!

-Previous guilds: Ive been in : Jinxed "Disband alot ppl quited wow aq40guild " "Panda half chinese ninja bitches BWL guild", Malusempire BWL (guild left it bc private concerns), Twisted reflection/ afterlife kara/gruul/serpent shrin "hydross" guild got tired of my rogue .. So i started with my warrior which i only used to pvp with mostly.

-Your professions: Blacksmith 351/minning 352 ithink
-Your valid e-mail address: nar__garoth@hotmail.com
-Your valid msn or icq: yeah got msn!
-Your state/country: Norway
-Your real name, sex and age (dont pretend to be a girl, we will verify):

Like i said Im from Norway going to gymnazium second grade , am 18 years old just moved to this small town shitwhole .. and i got nothing else to do then play wow got to school party time to time nothing else ^^

-A small text about why you want to join Total Loosers:

I hear about u guys that you were a progressive guild that has cleared kara and thats what i am exactly looking for . I would mostly like to apply to u as a DPS warrior/offtank dps if its possible and i hope i get to know some ppl from the guild bc i doubt i know anyone Wink
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PostSubject: Re: Warrior LvL 70   Warrior LvL 70 Icon_minitimeSat Apr 28, 2007 5:29 pm

il put you on a trial period of 2 weeks and wel see after that:)
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PostSubject: Re: Warrior LvL 70   Warrior LvL 70 Icon_minitimeSat Apr 28, 2007 5:37 pm

What´s your rogues name?
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PostSubject: m   Warrior LvL 70 Icon_minitimeSat Apr 28, 2007 6:37 pm

My rogue was called Undeadjoe but due to some fuck upp thx very fucking much to blliizzard my rogue has been stolen like 1month ago which explains the reasone i rly quite in that guild.
Idont rly know how it exactly happend but my hotmail was hacked the day my char disappeard.
Ive notfied blizzard several times for this hoowever i got my account back but without my main which mean the guy who stole it made another account which fits to my and just transfered to hes own..
The thing is the rogue wasnt only mine it was also my bro's but i played most of the time on it which means all the hardwork for the gear and all while he pvped..so i have to wait u ntil he get back from military so i can fix this bc they send me mail about sending them legi for the account... which sucks dreadfuly ..so i started lvl another rogue which is currently lvl 60 with some "Crap ass gear " ;P
u can try to look on armory but its outdated very outdated^^ before i got 3/5 t4
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PostSubject: Re: Warrior LvL 70   Warrior LvL 70 Icon_minitime

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Warrior LvL 70
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