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 Protection warrior lvl 70

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Protection warrior lvl 70 Empty
PostSubject: Protection warrior lvl 70   Protection warrior lvl 70 Icon_minitimeSat Apr 28, 2007 7:53 pm

-Your in game Name: Bloodyangel
-Your sponsor from Total Loosers (name reference): Arantor, spoke with Suwee
-Race and class of your character: Tauren warrior
-Play hours: week ends only after 8 pm

>Your current resistance gear:
NR Unbuffed (in +NR gear): 83....got patterns to get full nature gear and working on to get primal nethers to make them.
FR Unbuffed (in +FR gear): only 2 rings with fire prot but since i am doing heroic all the time it wont be problem to get better fr gear
FrR unbuffed (in FrR gear) 46...need to get patterns for better gear
SR unbuffed (in Sr gear) 0

>Total HP/Mana 11802(with tanking gear unbuffed)-no mana ofc
>+Healing/+Spellpower/+Defense/+Mana regen: +def is 481

-Raid experience: Tell us what you have done, where you've been: I have been in BWL(cleared),ZG(cleared),AQ 20(cleared),Naxx and Kara(last Aran). Ventured into Gruuls lair with mage but nothing special.

-Previous guilds (why did you leave? or why are you leaving) Be honest:

Im leaving mostly because people dont respect prot warriors...Im 3rd tank in current guild. 2nd is arms ... i think that if someone tries harder than other he should have a chance...if I would be 3rd as arms warrior...that wouldnt be problem...but...
-Your current talent build: 5/5/51
-Your professions: Min 375,bs 355
-Your valid e-mail address: Strykermatrix@net.hr
-Your valid msn or icq: mica.maca1@hotmail.com
-Your state/country: Croatia
-Your real name, sex and age (dont pretend to be a girl, we will verify):

My name is Frank Strajher,im from croatia(male),19 years old. Enjoy to play WoW,tough im great football fan and am football player. Going in High school,and have good marks... Love drinking beer but still dont love being too drunk. Fun (believe me u will see:)). Think that there is one life and that we need to be smart and go through it on fun but safe way.

-A small text about why you want to join Total Loosers:

On this server i totally dont have luck with guilds and hope that i will finally find my hapiness as warrior:)))
I have one lvl 70 frost mage,6 epics,totally crazy to play with and i can transfer it here to join too as my alt. Hope i will join this guild and that that will turn out to be good move. Thank you all for your patience...if u need to ask me something...just contact Bloodyangel or Shalafeyn(if im playing my priest)...
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Protection warrior lvl 70 Empty
PostSubject: Re: Protection warrior lvl 70   Protection warrior lvl 70 Icon_minitimeSat Apr 28, 2007 8:10 pm

Hey there!

so the fact that you are willing to play your mage till we have enough for 25 man it's just great.

We do have spots open and Satrap will have a look at your application.

tty soon
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Protection warrior lvl 70
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