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PostSubject: Darkrahlan - Rogue   Darkrahlan - Rogue Icon_minitimeWed May 23, 2007 7:08 pm

-Your sponsor from Total Loosers (name reference):
No sponsor as such but I was advised to make an application by Kaels

-Race and class of your character:
Undead female Rogue

-Play hours:
I work full time on an IT helpdesk so I do work a few 6pm finishes in the UK which sees me not getting into the house until about 6:45pm after driving home. If you add in time getting sorted for food and house crap I can login about 7:30pm at the latest but I average about 2 shifts of these a week but it does mean im finished early other days though.

-Current equipment:
Sorry the Armoury seems to be down as I post this, but I can sum up my gear a bit, 2 Tier 4 (H,G) 1 Tier 2.5 (C), 4 Tier 2 (Br,Be,P,S) and Malchazeen and Emerald Ripper for weapons. I'm normally a fan of swords but I havent had much luck on sword drops so I have taken up daggers for the first time ever as a Rogue. Ideally I want to go back to swords as patch 2.1 changes could make that weapon class the one to use now on Smile

>Your current resistance gear:
Sorry I used to have full sets from my AQ40/Naxx days but... Well my account was hacked the day of TBC going live and all my account characters gear, resources, money and anything else that the thief could sell was sold. What i got back was just my armor I had on and the gold amount from all my stuff they vendored which amounted to a grand total of 700g. Pity at AH prices it was all worth about 4000-5000g due gear and mats I had preped for TBC.

-Total HP/Mana
Health: 7814
Crital strike: 26.97%
Hit rating: 177
Attack power: 1189

-Raid experience: Tell us what you have done, where you've been.
Well I've been on silvermoon nearly since it started so I've raided ZG,AQ20,MC,BWL,AQ40,NAXX,KARA (To nightbane) and Gruuls lair (Gruul killed but he was bugged so it really doesn't count)

-Previous guilds (why did you leave? or why are you leaving) Be honest:
[b]I will give you the last few that I have had most of my raiding experience in. First off was Royal heilan Coos (RHC), I was an officer/class leader in this guild. I learned to raid ZQ, AQ20, MC, BWL.
I then joined Praetorians where I learned to raid BWL, AQ40 and parts of Naxx before TBC came in.
My last guild was Brute Force where I have raided karahzan up to nightbane and killed both bosses in Gruuls lair with note to what I said above. I left this guild due to a number of issues but the main one was with another member of the guild who was just plain rude with people in general and he seemed dislike me full stop. Part of the reason as well is that not many members logged on outside raid times making it very hard for me to catch up on getting my heroic keys.

-Your current talent build:
My spec is 20/41/0, Basically Combat daggers until i can respec to Swords since daggers doesnt seem to do as much damage anymore

-Your professions:
Alchemy (Transmute master) with a few special recipes such as Fel Mana Potion, Elixir of Major Mageblood, Heroic Potion, Shrouding Potion and Insane Strength Potion. Also I have Herbalism for my second profession
-Your valid e-mail address:
-Your valid msn or icq:
-Your state/country:
Edinburgh, Scotland(UK)
-Your real name, sex and age (dont pretend to be a girl, we will verify):
Pete, Male, 27
-A small text about why you want to join Total Loosers:
You seem a friendly bunch who are progressing well with raiding content, I wish to forward my experience and improve my current raiding skills while enjoying an active guild social life doing plenty of group quests, instance runs and generally helping each other reach our goals.

-Special notes:
Sorry I added this bit as I wanted to let you know my current position fully as I want to be as open as possible.

As I have stated above I had my account hacked, I lost about 3-4 weeks of time while Blizzard investigated my account due to it being used funnel money from other accounts. After I gained back some resources I choose to pursue a new class and levelled a paladin to 44 before I felt that I didnt want to pursue this class. Within this time I had a number of weeks off from Warcraft due to staff shortages due to a bug in the office putting people in hospital.

Anyway on to the point of this note.

I've only been lvl 70 on my Rogue for about 6 to 8 weeks, this means I havent collected all my Heroic keys yet. One of the problems and reason I left BF was due to the lack of players online to be able to run instances to gain the rep required for each revered key. I have tried running as many pugs as possible but rogues are ten a penny and my spec doesnt include improved sap as its built for best damage as possible in raids.

Most importantly I havent been able to get all my keys, Ive listed here below what I do have and the reps so far.

Cenarion Expedition: Revered
SHa'tar: Honoured 11558/12000
Thrallmar: Honoured 9501/12000
Keepers of Time: Honoured 8160/12000
Lower City: Honoured 4548/12000
Consortium: Honoured 3435/12000

I'm keyed for karahzan, I have the The Cudgel of Kar'desh quest for attuning to SSC.

Anyway I just wanted to add that all to explain and be as up front as possible about my current position. Maybe worth your interest or not.
But thanks for looking at the application none the less.


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PostSubject: Re: Darkrahlan - Rogue   Darkrahlan - Rogue Icon_minitimeWed May 23, 2007 10:45 pm

gief more quality rogues like dark to replace noobzilla anom
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PostSubject: Re: Darkrahlan - Rogue   Darkrahlan - Rogue Icon_minitimeThu May 24, 2007 1:48 am

very good application,

contact me or kaels tomorrow when you can.
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PostSubject: Re: Darkrahlan - Rogue   Darkrahlan - Rogue Icon_minitime

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Darkrahlan - Rogue
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