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 :!: Please read before APPLYING

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PostSubject: :!: Please read before APPLYING   Wed Apr 25, 2007 2:37 pm

Hello all and thanks for your interest in joining us!

If you feel the need to whisper or cotact us in game, During Raids is not the best time and will not make us view your application any faster. In fact it might make us just take less time on your application. Be respectful of raiding and the focus it requires.

To become a member of Total Loosers, you must meet the following requirements:

Be level 70.
Be available to play 3-6 days a week for on average of 4-7 hours per day. More the merrier.
The drive to put in the work to defeat endgame content.If you are here to get Phat Lewts this guild is not for you.
Must have all of your heroic keys and be attuned to Karazhan. Being attuned to Serpent Shrine doesn't hurt either.
Must be wearing appropriate gear.


Once you've meet all the requirements, please start a thread with the following info:
We also accept PM's applications.


-Your in game Name
-Your sponsor from Total Loosers (name reference):
-Race and class of your character:
-Play hours:

-Current equipment: please link us your Armory profile that can be found at http://armory.worldofwarcraft.com:

>Your current resistance gear:
NR Unbuffed (in +NR gear)
FR Unbuffed (in +FR gear)
FrR unbuffed (in FrR gear)
SR unbuffed (in Sr gear)

>Total HP/Mana
>+Healing/+Spellpower/+Defense/+Mana regen

-Raid experience: Tell us what you have done, where you've been.
-Previous guilds (why did you leave? or why are you leaving) Be honest:
-Your current talent build: Use [url]www.wowhead.com [/url] or http://armory.worldofwarcraft.com
-Your professions:
-Your valid e-mail address:
-Your valid msn or icq:
-Your state/country:
-Your real name, sex and age (dont pretend to be a girl, we will verify):
-A small text about why you want to join Total Loosers:

IMPORTANT ADDENDUM: If you want to apply to Total Loosers, you need to be online and ready to raid with us in the event we ask you to join us. I will do my best to notify you if we think we'll be taking apps to the raid. If you come unprepared for the fights, your application will be declined automatically.

An Invite to the guild only means a trial. At which point the officers can decide to keep you or remove you.[b]

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Number of posts : 240
Age : 38
Registration date : 2007-04-25

PostSubject: Additional Guild Information   Wed Apr 25, 2007 3:19 pm

Total Loosers is an endgame raiding guild; we spend 4 hours, 4-6 nights a week in a raid instance. We aim for the best gear and for the greatest challenges! We aim for the fun and a friendly atmosphere! We aim for progress, individually and as a group! Do you aim for the same?

Two addons are the least you must have in order to be given a trial:

CT_Raidassist & KLHTreatmeter.

We also use teamspeak wich you can DL from www.goteamspeak.com

Recruiting officers are Suwee, Zouki, Kaels and Satrap. Contact them first for any questions.

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PostSubject: Re: :!: Please read before APPLYING   Tue Jun 12, 2007 3:55 pm


If you can not spend time to put in the effort to apply to this guild than I will close it as it is a waste of my time and other officers.

If you don't show the effort and the time put. Then we won't show the effort in reviewing your application.

Garbage in Garbage out.

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PostSubject: Re: :!: Please read before APPLYING   

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:!: Please read before APPLYING
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