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 For warlocks

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PostSubject: For warlocks   For warlocks Icon_minitimeTue Jun 12, 2007 2:17 pm


before you make a apply to as i hope you have read this
for all warlocks:
1) you must be attuned at karazhan and SSC
2) you must have time to play at least 7-8h the day
3) you must have 900+damage
4) you must be afflication spec
5) if you join as allways must be prepered with pots and flasks etc.
6) i don't care if you are male or female rules are the same for all
7) this is PVE Guild ( we raid a lot ) so we need ppl that will work, help and listen eachother to have more and more progress.

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For warlocks
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