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 LVL 70 mage

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PostSubject: LVL 70 mage   Tue May 08, 2007 10:21 pm

-Your in game Name Icecool
-Your sponsor from Total Loosers (name reference): Faithlaisd, Chippzie and lorre, been with suwee in SP heroic ones.
-Race and class of your character: Undead mage
-Play hours: 114days

-Current equipment:

>Your current resistance gear:
FR Collecting the epix fire gear atm

>Total HP/Mana unbuffed 7033( buffed with titan etc.. I had +13k hp in Gruuls lair for tanking Krosh Firehand. 9041 mana unbuffed(+10kbuffed)
>865 Fire spelldmg / 153 Mana regen

-Raid experience:
Old wow
ZG Cleaned
MC Cleaned
ONY cleaned
BWL Cleaned
AQ20 Cleaned
AQ40 Cleaned
NAXX a few bosses

Outdoor bosses:

Kara downed all bosses but Netherspite
Gruuls lair tanked Krosh Firehand but we never killed him.

I got all heroic keys and have been in most of the heroic instances.

-Previous guilds (why did you leave? or why are you leaving) Be honest: On Ravencrest(pvp): Pantheon(many moved to empire now) and Public Enemies, and after I transferred to Silvermoon where I joined the guild Outcasts(and was CL). I Merge from ravencrest cause my friends stopped playing wow and I wanted to try, how it was on a pve realm. And I left Outcasts cause of slow progress, chippzie and lorre and I used to raid every day on my old realm.
-Your current talent build: (And i'm ofc welling to respecc if you think thats needed)
-Your professions: Herbalism(375) / Alchemist Potions master(375) can make almost every old and new potion and elixirs.
-Your valid e-mail address: benjamin@brnet.dk
-Your valid msn: sorcerer@tdcadsl.dk
-Your state/country: Denmark
- Im a cute little beautiful girlnah but I have a female character cause they looks better. My name is Benjamin and Im 21 years going in high school and use almost all my spare time on wow-
A small text about why you want to join Total Loosers:
I want to play with people who share the same passion, to explorer the endgame stuff in wow, and with someone who are welling to farm the gear and consumable that are need to get the progress. And you guys seem abit more like what i'm looking for in a guild. beside that i'm playing a lot of Arenas with Faithlaisd, from your guild and then i know Lorre and chippzie have join you recently.
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PostSubject: The Armory site   Tue May 08, 2007 10:28 pm

heres a link the my armory
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PostSubject: Re: LVL 70 mage   Tue May 08, 2007 11:40 pm

Mage class seems a bit full atm but hold on and we might get back to you Smile

Till then happy farming:P

Maxian aka The Bubble King!!
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PostSubject: Re: LVL 70 mage   Wed May 09, 2007 2:33 pm

i pvp with that guy and chat a lot , he is good player

i hope max will find u a spot
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PostSubject: Re: LVL 70 mage   Wed May 09, 2007 4:25 pm

atm we're quite filled with mages. Should a spot open up we will review this application again. I'd prefer not to have more than the 5 active ones we have.

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PostSubject: Re: LVL 70 mage   Mon May 14, 2007 9:41 am

I never knew u had an application to us Icecool, and u didn't even reference me on your app! im offended, but i will forgive you O_o

On a more serious note i have done a good amount of heroic sp's with this guy, and he knows his class well, i hope you are reviewed again for our guild and it would be nice to have you amongst our ranks.

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PostSubject: Re: LVL 70 mage   Fri May 18, 2007 1:33 pm

Sadly full

We will poke you if it changes

I saw you joined afk too Smile wich is a good thing

Good hunting
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PostSubject: Re: LVL 70 mage   

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LVL 70 mage
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